DeBethune DB25

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Another watch for the Only Watch 2011 auction (mentioned previously) is this special edition of the DeBethune DB25.  In a 44mm white-gold case is a unusual 6-day manually wound movement(a variant of the DB2115 I believe) with a balance wheel made of silicon and platinum.  The dial depicts what the sky is calculated to have looked like on January 8, 1297, when François Grimaldi captured the fortess of Monaco, site of the auction.  The 105 stars of the constellations Gemini and Orion are represented by a combination of white gold dots and small diamonds. 


Time is told, if you care about such proletarian things as telling time on a watch, via a fixed hand and 2 moving rings, seen through the aperture at the bottom (so it is 8:16 on the picture)


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