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Biblical Clocks

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  • Martin Baas Grandfatherclock - Most unusual in mechanism
  • A bit on Apologetics - from Biblia Hebraica, a bit of discussion with a good defense of critical Biblical scholarship versus Apologetics, and an interesting example of the difficulty of handling that difference within the broader field.  It's hard to take the some of the comments seriously, but that is somewhat the inherent problem
  • Akkadian/English Cognate - I never would have expected something like this, but.... (remember that an 's' with a caron on it, ลก, makes an 'sh' sound) [via]


Movie Day

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  •  Todd Reed - Another jeweler turned up in the hunt for raw diamond jewelry.  He has an assortment of cufflinks that seem to work well with the material, but falls into a common trap, displaying cufflinks raw which doesn't reflect what they'd actually look like on a cuff!
  • Glycine iPhone App - For all the people who say "I don't need a watch, I've got my cell-phone"

Interestingly it seems to be misnamed, the drawers are a Fibbonocci sequence, not a fractal. 

Following that, some amusing ad campaigns 19 Best Ads


Backlog of Links

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Things that predate the log, but are worth mentioning
  • Guido Mocafico - fantastic photographer of "things".  The fruit and jewelry series deserves special attention.  For those of a horological bent, his Movement is a lovely book of watch-movement photos.


Just some pictures of the Jaquet Droz Les Douze Villes travel time watch from European Watch Company, my local dealer.  It doesn't have the ability to display multiple timezones at once, but has the ability to jump from timezone to timezone, as well as a jump hour display.  This is the older, 40.5mm model.

Les Douze Villes new.jpg
Click the image for more pictures.

Sundial rings and more

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Found hunting for uncut diamond jewelry similar to some pieces I found in Paris:

but was less impressed by the uncut diamonds than some of the other work. The teeth, indeed, I could do without

Waveform by  Sakurako Shimizu


Ignore the ridiculous Fast Company article title, the bits and pieces of design are much more than just "oooh sex sells".  


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This serves little purpose in the world except as a place to put links of interest to me.  It's just easier than emailing people that which I find interesting.  A few notes:
  • Wiglaf! Is the server all this runs on, along with other things.  Originally it was the head node for a 40ish node beowulf cluster that was the basis for much of my undergrad research, but the rest of the cluster is dead.  The name is taken from the epic Beowulf, where Wiglaf is the young prince that serves under Beowulf, and eventually presides over his funeral. 
  • My Homepage within Wiglaf.