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Stupid Calculations is setting itself up as a blog for accurate, but stupid, math, not wholly unlike XKCD's What If. Their first post, which actually started on the NYC-centric Animal, is calculating the size of a monolith consisting of EVERY iPhone ever sold, and putting it right next to Central Park. Read the original article for all the fun math.



All the Pleasures of Life

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A translation of Jessica Hagy's Meaning of life, which originally appeared in the German publication, Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin.



I've always hated the old chestnut and I'm glad someone else does as well, but with better illustrative technique



Lapham's Quarterly, a magazine so precious I'd almost expect it were a parody, has an article on amusing marginalia in their Spring 2012 issue.  Sadly the main body is not only, but there's a brief discussion of the topic, as well as a "best of" image, presented below. 



April Fools Roundup

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Unicorn Cookbook found at the British Library

Antigravity archaelogical dig at Khirbet Qeiyafa

Vianney Halter and his Ocean Antiqua


Apple patents the rectangle.

Atlassian puts out Irkd, file bugs on the real world and reassign them

Google's Chrome Multitask mode
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Kindergarten Cop, from the Criterion Collection


His spot-paintings are apparently a catalyst for mockery. Previously he was out-spotted in  Parisian graffiti, now the Village Voice posits that all that remains is the obituary

I don't think the work of Gary Andrew Clarke was meant as a parody of the Spot paintings, but I like to think of it as such.  He's reworked famous paintings by all the big names of Europe as large-colored dots, as the "Vermeer" shown here




Logo Evolution

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A fantastic bit of humor, just go and see for yourself



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Presented without comment from New York's 2011 Pride Parade, approx 36th st and 5th Ave

A Nickel's Change.jpg

I know, I know those words make no sense, neither does the phrase "video game based on the book of Enoch". I can't deny the reality of "El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron" but I can share the confusion



Programming with .NET is like cooking in a McDonalds kitchen. It is full of amazing tools that automate absolutely everything. Just press the right button and follow the beeping lights, and you can churn out flawless 1.6 oz burgers faster than anybody else on the planet.

However, if you need to make a 1.7 oz burger, you simply can't. There's no button for it. The patties are pre-formed in the wrong size. They start out frozen so they can't be smushed up and reformed, and the thawing machine is so tightly integrated with the cooking machine that there's no way to intercept it between the two. A McDonalds kitchen makes exactly what's on the McDonalds menu -- and does so in an absolutely foolproof fashion. But it can't go off the menu, and any attempt to bend the machine to your will just breaks it such that it needs to be sent back to the factory for repairs.

the rest

An amusing piece, ans the very last comment might have been worth it alone.  It's a good example of "take an opinion, slightly overstate it for comedic effect, watch the net esplode" affect