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This time with pictures!
First the watch

Now a closeup of the dial. You can see the little gold woman, indicating the hours, and man, indicating the minutes. The slowly approach on the bridge, meeting at noon and midnight

Finally a shot of the enamel being painted onto the reverse of the dial, before being fired.

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Watches by Jewelers

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In the Boutique district of NYC (Madison Ave between 55-70, not to be confused with the Diamond district on 47th st) I came across two different high-end jewelers selling watches.  First is Buccelatti, whose somewhat classical designs in jewelry I've referenced before, with a heavily bejeweled piece.  I find it unattractive, but somewhat in keeping with their designs
Buccelatti Watch.jpg

The second jeweler was Graff, owned by a man who clearly has too much money.  They have a line whose case design and dialwork are clearly intended to suggest a brilliant-cut diamond.  The first piece, called the Graffstar,  is a simple three-hand watch with a sub-second dial who reinforces that with the design on the dial
Graff Simple Watch.jpg
In case the size isn't clear, the Tourbillon named "Mastergraff" has a DLC (Diamond-like Carbon) coated case an a diameter of 47mm. 


Delay of Time

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From the Dutch design firm of <a href="http://www.bloomming.com/">Bloomming</a> comes this electric clock.  The worm-gear as a step down is not all that unusual, it is pretty common in synchronous electric clocks, but the wheels as display make for an interesting look.  



And finally a close-up of the minute wheel and a worm-gear

All of the pictures from the Bloomming website
(seen on WeirdClocks)


Eisenbrauns runs an annual Valentine's Day contest, write a love poem in any ancient middle-eastern language (Greek too!).  This year the third-place winner was remarkably amusing:

The Song of the Four Locusts
  She loves you
  Let us sing it twice,
  Even three times,
  She loves you.

And so on....


From this years Salon International de Haute Horology (SIHH) come two of the complications of VC and A. Both the Butterfly and the Lovers are based on a small JLC caliber, adapted by the wizards of Agenhor. Over at The Purists there are photos of a tour of Agenhor, including both ov these pieces under construction.

Ian Skellern provided a fantastic video (posted to Horomundi) demonstrating the complications.

For an even higher resolution video


EDITED: I can't figure out how to embed the video without it auto-playing, so you'll have to click over to Horomundi or the hi-res link to see it

From The Onion:
Representatives from the sports drink manufacturer Powerade announced Wednesday that Nisroch, the ancient Assyrian god of agriculture, has been resurrected from the depths of Assyro-Babylonian mythology to serve as the key marketing figure for their newest product, Nisroch: Eagle Heart X-TREME WHIRLWIND!.....



Akkadian Parser Progress

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It's been a while since I worked on my Prolog-based parser for Akkadian verbs, but I noticed a bug and realized I wanted to get back to it.  As part of that, I've added a change log, to track bugs and improvements


Consider this a follow-up to the previous post on the current Boucheron necklace collection celebrating twenty years of Cirque de SoleiI. I was able to track down some more promotional pictures of the necklaces, this time with names even!


(All pictures from Paris Joaillerie, and can be clicked for larger versions)

Guy Lalibert√©, majority owner of Cirque de Soleil, teamed up with Boucheron, of whom he is a frequent customer to put together a collection of 20 pieces inspired by various Cirque productions.  Each of the pieces in the collection, dubbed Inspiria, will be duplicated with one complete set to be sold, proceeds to benefit One Drop, a charity founded by M. Lalibert√© to provide clean drinking water.  The other set will remain in the posession of the Cirque foundation, but available to the viewing public at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts until August 29, 2010.



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Priori Acute

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I've seen many fonts try to play the "optical illusion" card, but seldom as well as Priori Acute by Jonathan Barnbrook and distributed by Emigre.

To add to the fun, some letters have alternate forms, as seen in the R


Because the modern manual-wound wristwatch is not enough of an anachronism, Jerome Siegrist who is one of the Confrerie Horlogere*, has designed a wristwatch driven by a replica of the Antikythera mechanism

Antikythera by Jerome Siegrist 2_1.jpg
* A watchmaking group sponsored by BNB Concept to create unusual and innovative watches, previously referenced


Cats, by Shem Compion

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From the lens of Shem Compion, samples from two of his galleries:

Large Cats of Africa

And part of a series on why porcupines are not afraid of leopards, Leopard and Porcupine


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