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I was prepared to be angry that the Kimberly Process isn't doing it's job of weeding out conflict diamonds with the decision not to suspend Zimbabwe, despite clear violations.  Then I happened upon a trailer for Ultimate Muscle Roller Legend, and all that was forgotten for the 1:49 of, to quote a great newsman of our day, the craziest f@#$%ing thing I've ever seen.

(perhaps not quite safe for work, there are jock-straps)
A follow-up to a previous bit, here are some more designs seen in Solange Azagury-Partridge's NYC boutique.  From her "Random" collection comes the Heart of Gold duo.
Heart Pendent.jpg

This is the Bleeding Heart, in enameled 18kt gold.  She makes it in plain 18kt as well, sold as the Golden Heart

The boutique is interesting inside, but quite dark, and so I have no photographs from within.  They were, however, written up in the New York Times' fashion blog, Moment, including a photo of the inside illuminated.  Sadly there's no picture of the decorative element par excellence, the solid-silver disco ball!  It is in the same basic pattern as the Lone Star starball, but 18" in diameter.

While walking up Madison Ave, we chanced upon the Solange Azagury-Partridge boutique at 68th street.  She's a British jewelery designer who recently opened this boutique, her first in the US.  In the window were some examples of the "Platonic" line of mathematically inspired pieces, including the "Lonestar" earrings in one and two ball models.
Lonestar Earrings.jpg
(picture source)
That same set of wireframe solids appears, augmented with other shapes and a smaller star-ball, in more earrings, a overwrought necklace and a fantastic bracelet.
(Picture from her website)

There were Pirates and then there were Vikings and then there were Viking-roadies and then perhaps a marching band.....
Created by Joel Trussell, who reused some of that work in the equally silly introduction and closing to "The Animation Show" season 4


New Banner

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Source images are From Old Books' scans of Letters & Lettering: A Treatise With 200 Examples by Frank Chouteau Brown


Letter A, 2

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In the continuing series of orphaned letters A.  This from Hans Holbein's A Dance of Death, 1523.  Image from From Old Books



Idylle from Dior

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More on the theme of animals in jewelry, this time from Dior Joallerie.
Idylle a Valparaíso bracelet.
Idylle Dans la Baie d'Along bracelet.
Idylle aux Fidji bracelet.
All designed by Victoire de Castellane


When hunting for some info, I never expected to get insulted by google.
Picture 8.png

Previously referenced here is the Boucheron/Marc Newson joint project the Julia Necklace.  Boucheron now has some more information, mostly in flash animation, available on their website.

They have also released six new animal-themed watches, the Rondes Bestiaire in their relatively new, 2005, Ronde collection.  All three are powered by a modified GP Cal 4000, augmented to have the subsecond dial at 7 o'clock, and unique to Boucheron.   The subsecond hand has been replaced with a disk decorated to correlate to the dial designs.  The six depict 3 animals, each available with and without an elaborate(eg. a frog with feet dangling off the edge of the watch) jeweled bezel/

The three are the Chouette(owl), Grenouille(frog) and the Caméléon (chameleon).  For the element animated by the sub-second disk, the Owl and the Frog have a rotating eye and the poor Chameleon is forever trying to catch a small fly.




[VIA] Finally we have the newest additions to the MEC collection for 2009, the Bat and the Feather.



These are powered by a normal version of the GP Cal. 4000, with a centwe sweep second hand.


JLC Reverso Art Deco

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reverso art deco blurry.jpg
The movement of a JLC Reverso Art Deco, with the point of focus on the deepest part of the movement.
Reverso Art Deco Movement.jpg
The movement fully in focus, showing the skeletonizing of the plates and bridges and their engraving.
Reverso Art Deco engraving.jpg
A close-up of an engraved bridge and the openworked ratchet wheel.



IQ Font

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An unusual ad campaign from Toyota to promote their subcompact, the IQ.  The IQ font is rendered from data captured from a professional driver driving an IQ to form the path of each letter.  There is a video available, it'll auto play on load, and you can download the font for free
IQ Sample.png

The Letter A

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In hunting down some letters to redo the masthead, I found far more A's then M's.  When I have time I'll be posting some of the bachelor letters A.

From: William Cowper (1666-1709).  Myotomia reformata, or an anatomical treatise on the muscles of the human body illustrated with figures after the life. London: Printed for Robert Knaplock . . ., William & John Innes, and Jacob Tonson, 1724. Images available digitally in the James Moores Bal Collectionl at Washington University's Bernard Becker collection
I would never be so foolish as to claim that watch companies have a monopoly on arrogance, but I'd like to point out these three quotes.  All are from winners of the 2009 Couture Design awards that I have discussed before (Sevan Biçakçi, and Couture Design Awards), 2 in various Jewelry categories and one for watchmaking. 

Jewelry: Pearls
We won! Peter Schmid accepted the 2009 Couture Design Award for Best Pearl Jewelry in Las Vegas, United States on May 31, 2009. The Couture Design Awards, the signature event of the Couture Show, exists to recognize the world's most visionary designers, uncover new and emerging talent, and promote the appreciation of jewelry and timepiece design worldwide. Over 200 elite jewelers competed in this international competition, and Atelier Zobel is honored to have been selected for this prestigious award among so many talented artists and designers.

Thank you to all those who voted on-line as well as those who attended the Couture Show in Las Vegas this year and voted in person. We are truly grateful for your support. We look forward to seeing you next year, June 2nd to 7th, 2010.


Jewelry: Haute Couture
"I was so excited to win the Haute Couture award at this year's show. I have been a part of Couture for many years and receiving this prestigious award for the second time will inspire me to keep designing pieces that reflect the haute couture tradition. Winning this year was even more special because my dear friend Rachel Zoe presented the award to me! I look forward to many more years as a competitor in this category."

"It is appropriate for the Brand [Milus] to have been selected at this moment as we feel that all the key ingredients are in place increasing the aesthetic value. Even the economic situation has presented opportunities to improve our positioning within the pure Swiss universe. This was a very fortuitous moment and a great honor to win Best in Timepiece we thank Couture and our colleagues for their support."

I can't think of many examples of a award winner receiving their award with the phrase "It is appropriate for ...[us] to have been selected"


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