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Sevan Bıçakçı

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Sevan Biçakçi is a jeweler out of istanbul who creates pieces, primarily rings, with a distinctive Turkish flair.  He won a 2009 Couture Design Award for his cufflinks in gold and silver with miniature paintings showing two views of Istanbul.   He was profiled in Fashion Trend Setter in 2007 after he won a few awards. In the current collection are various rings utilizing gems with faceted outsides and a small form, perhaps a building cut internally.  The most obvious of these designs is his "Hagia Sophia" ring, with the Roman church cut into the inside of a citrine.  The citrine is then set in gold, pave set with brown and white diamonds which form an inscription in old Turkish (translation unknown).  A second piece of a similar genre has a portrait of Mehmet the Conqueror in gold on the side of the shank and a small building of some sort cut into the white topaz of the main stone.

hagia sophia.png
And one more from the same collection, less obviously "Turkish" than the rest, but I quite like the use of brown diamonds as color. The setting of cut stones upside-down is reminiscent of Renaissance diamond rings.

For his newest collection, Ida, Sevan has drawn from earlier periods of Turkish history with pieces drawing from the Greek era of Asia Minor. Mt. Ida is in the vicinity of ancient Troy, near the ancient city of Ephesus, cultic sanctuary of Artemis.
Picture 28.png


40 years

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Perhaps my favorite of the moon landing commemorations, from Abstruse Goose


Couture Design Awards

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Couture Design Awards - An set of awards given out annually for excellence in jewelry design.

  • Stephen Webster's Jules Verne necklace, previously referenced, won for Diamonds
  • Atelier Zobel won for a Conch pearl ring, a rarely seen gem (right)
  • Yossi Harari won in haute couture for some unusual work with a polished, but not cut, fire opal (bottom)
  • Elena Votsi won the best new designer with a standing spiral worked in 18k gold. (left)
1006701102.jpg 1006704002.jpg

[ All pictured from Couture 2009 Winners]


Today's Miscellany

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In honor of the 60th Anniversary of Peanuts the Osaka branch of Takashimaya, a Japanese department store, has these for sale
[photo copyright Getty Images ]
and yes, the stones (5+ct of diamond) are real, and the price is 1.5million Yen.


More Links and Jewels

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  • Somewhat dull reporting and images from London's recent Jewelry Week
  • Much more exciting, finally a name to go with some pictures of uncut diamond jewelry I photographed in Paris, it is the work of Patrice Fabre

Uncut Diamond ring.jpg
robber baron closed.jpg


Drawing in Light

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Undersea Jewelry

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Not quite enough to be a trend, but some interesting undersea-themed jewelry:

Photo courtesy of Stephen Webster
Stephen Webster's diamond necklace from his Jules Verne Collection. [via]

Autore doesn't have their Ocenia collection on their website, but Europa Star's new jewelry publication, International Jewelry has several more pictures, including a snail broach, a starfish pendent, soft coral earrings and this over-wrought harlequin shrimp.

Finally some of the work of the Place Vendome-based Lorenz Bäumer. Picture 26.png

Picture 27.png

And his fantastic Murene undersea broach


From the Adobe Research labs, the birthplace of magical image repair, son of content aware scaling, comes some pretty amazing digital video stabilization. [VIA]


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There was some debate a few months back about fractalness in design, but I think this necklace, designed by Marc Newson, by Boucheron can't be argued, it's a Julia set in gold, diamonds and sapphires.


(Image Copyright Xavier Reboud 2008) [via]

Boucheron is also famous as one of the over-the-top jewelers in with stores in the Place Vendome, Paris. Their "Question Mark" necklace in the form of a bird is a representitive sample
Bird Necklace.jpg
It springs from a more sedate design from the end of the 19th century.

This is their 150th anniversary year, and as such they've been doing some interesting collaborations with other luxery brands, including a unique watch with jewel wheels by Richard Mille. Some of the pieces.


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