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Dior didn't give much with the press-release a few months back for this assortment of "Gothic" pieces. The only named pieces are the second necklace, with 2 spinel drops of "blood", called Morsure (Bite) and the diamond-set cross, "La Fiancée du vampire".



Here are more bits of ancient jewelry remounted by Auclert (previously mentioned). Sadly this press release has much less detail on the pieces, but I'll provide what I have.

Maison Auclert 46.jpgMaison Auclert 51.jpg
Earring with a gold Bactrian horn. The horn is from the 1st millenium BCE and decorated with granulations.Large Phoenix pendent
Maison Auclert 37.jpgMaison Auclert 29.jpg
Bracelet with a Lapis Lazulli sealEarrings set with 19th century menuki in the form of celestial Lions (called "Shishi"). They're set with dangling rubies of about 1.35ct each.
Maison Auclert 30.jpg
Pendent in 18kt gold set with a long purple pearl with a dangling 1ct orange sapphire. The pearl is Akkadian, from 2200-2100 BCE


Hours of Arthur

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Roger Dubuis(REALLY annoying sound on the website) has long had an Excalibur collection, but it was just a clever marketing name.  Now they've announced a watch to really reflect the name, Excalibur Table Ronde.  Like so many of their models, this one is a limited edition of 88 (RD has some weird numerology with their models, all used to be limited to 28, then 28 or 280.  Later 888 and 88 were added as "acceptable" editions, probably bowing to the Chinese mania for anything with the number 8).  The enamelled dial is based on the Winchester Round Table and surrounded by 12 cast gold armed knights.  The 18kt gold case is 45mm in diameter and powered by the excellent RD822 movement.

Overall watch.  The notches in the bezel and the triple lug are signature elements of the Excalibur collection


Here's a closeup of a few of the knights, showing the detail in the castings.




Little Digital Aliens

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From the Russian artist Dmitri Maximov comes a series of photos manipulated to include silly little rendered aliens.  The space-themed ones are my personal favorite.





Emerald Rings

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I'm not sure why, but the New York Times Magazine Blog decided we needed a selection of Emerald rings.

Stephen RussellAspry
KwaitFred Leighton (see previous)
Solange Azagury-Partridge (previously mentioned), $18,200Graff (previously mentioned) 22.93-carat emerald cushion cabochon ring
Ralph Lauren fine jewelry ring, $5,100Van Cleef & Arpels (just search for them) ring with 15-carat carved emerald, circa 1962

The background for all the pictures is Shagreen (see previous), which apparently Ralph Lauren sells at $166 a yard as wall-covering.


Cartier Winter 2012

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As in previous years, Cartier has put together a Lepoard-themed ad campaign for the winter, which they call Panthere due to the weird differences between French and English. As before there's a over-the-top-cute video, now with two cubs.

Sadly the website for the Winter's Tale promotion has nothing new at all


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