Cartier Panther Cub

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There may be two constants in advertising, sex and cute.  Cartier seems to have chosen the later, in spades,  for their current website campaign for the Les Must collection.  They've centered it around a panther cub, in honor of one of their product lines. 


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The theme extends past the ad campaign to... Read More

Last year, about this time, Cartier put together an ad campaign based on a Panther kitten.; They have revived the campaign as The Winter Tale, with a bit more of a seasonal (read Christmas) slant, but no less cute overloadThis... Read More

As in previous years, Cartier has put together a Lepoard-themed ad campaign for the winter, which they call Panthere due to the weird differences between French and English. As before there's a over-the-top-cute video, now with two cubs. Sadly the... Read More

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