Hublot's Liberty Bang

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Ye that's the actual model name, the Liberty Bang.  As the official timekeeper of the National Constitution Center, I assume replacing nobody - the previous timekeeper, Hublot hasn't ignored this oppertunity to make a limited edition Big Bang watch.  This is based on the 45mm "Classic Fusion" case in black ceramic with the addition of a black sapphire dial.  The dial has been laser engraved with little quotes from the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and other random documents pertaining to the revolution, with the letters  colored to make the overall image that of the American flag.  Yes it sounds stupid, but take a look and you'll agree.....



It will be produced in a limited edition of 100, with the first one going to this years winner of the Liberty Medal.


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Over the top patriotic, but surprisingly kind of elegant if you like that sort of thing. If I was a politician, I would absolutely want one of these.

(There was a delightful-if-creepy study cited in the Economist recently, demonstrating that people exposed to an American flag prior to voting were biased, in statistically significant numbers, towards McCain in the 2008 election. Far as they could figure, it was substantially because he always wore a flag pin and Obama didn't. More generally, the results seemed to indicate that showing people a flag biased them towards Republicans -- a subtle and brilliant bit of subliminal programming...)

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