Only Watch 2011: Ikepod

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Ikepod is a strange little watch company which has always been focused more on the design side of the watch industry, using reliable but not interesting movements.  They have worked in partnership with industrial designer Marc Newson (previously mentioned) for a while now, but their release of his hourglass at Baselworld 2011 gave them quite a bit of positive publicity.
Photos - 15178.jpg
Those are the basic models, the larger one times abotu one hour and costs about $30k, while the smaller model is about 1/2 the price and times 10 minutes.  Both are hand-blown from rather thick (3mm) borosilicate glass and use tiny steel balls, plated with nickel, copper, gold or something else for color, for timing.  According to promotional materials the large model contains approximately 1.3million balls. 

Their video of the production is stunning

For the 2011 Only Watch auction, they've made a unique model with red glass.  I was a bit disappointed to read that the red is a paint, rather then inherent in the glass, but that in no way detracts from the dramatic look


In live shots the clarity and intensity of the red color, probably somehow related to the flag of Monaco, is much more obvious

Only Watch Hour Glass - 25.jpg


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