New Cartier Collection - Secrets et Merveilles

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In October Cartier released a new collection(press release) in their top-tier Haute Joaillerie line, Secrets et Merveilles (Secrets and Wonders) at an invitation-only affair in Istanbul.  In their words the collection contains 70 pieces "dedicated to femininity".   The collection centers on the four queens, Peacock Queen, the Diamond Queen, the Pearl Queen and the Snake Queen.  Rather than try and describe the pieces, here are the press photos I've been able to collect.  All are copyright Cartier, 2009, but are listed by the source website.

I believe this is a bracelet, based on this tiny picture.
Secrets-et-merv2.jpg Secrets-et-merv4.jpg Secrets-et-merv6.jpg Secrets-et-merv8.jpg Secrets-et-merv10.jpg Secrets-et-merv12.jpg And for good measure, one of a model wearing one of the pieces Secrets-et-merv14.jpg All of these are from Paris Joaillerie, but are also available on the annoying

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