4 Saints!

A bunch of changes have been underway in the background.  First a big procedural one - I'm going to be trying to post shorter pieces about newly added MS to twitter: @cokldb.  I've added about 10 MS recently, and many of those are mentioned there.  When I have a longer discussion, I may still post here.

In the backend, we now support up to 4 different saints per date!  This required changes in a bunch of places, and may not be perfect, but seems to work.  There are not many books in the DB with more than 2 per date, about 30 entries have 3 saints and 3 have 4.  This is one of the places that need work, I scanned the existing entries for ones marked as "three saints" or "four saints" but if I was inconsistant, I may not have found all of them.  The loader/excel template was also updated to handle 4 entries and 4 colors.

The current work, yet undeployed, is to get some statistical graphs into the date detail pages.  Ideally a pie chart of "blank vs populated" and then a breakdown of saints in the populated ones.  The data is in place, what is taking work is a good display