4 Saints Verified!

With the addition of Vatican Reg.lat.165, we have verified that 4 saints in a single date now loads and processes correctly.  Taking a step backwards, this is a Use of Rome hours with a Calendar from Aquilla (probably) that may have been owned by Queen Christina of Sweden.  The calendar is either unfinished or the scribe was confused, each entry is missing the initial letter, eg. "pyphania do" for Jan-6, missing the initial "E".  For testing, though, August 22 (see f.6v below) is the critical date, having entries for Sts. Hyppolitus (471), Timothy (478) and Symphorian (477), and the Octave of the Assumption (469).  This was entered into the new 4-saint Excel template  and it loaded and displayed cleanly!

(DB Id: 149)