Backlog of Achievements

Having been busy, but distracted, I've neglected to update with some backend work.  It follows in summary:

  • Refactored away the URL table.  Previously there had been a URL table which stored the urls as LONGTEXT objects and let the MANUSCRIPT and SAINT_SOURCE tables reference it by ID.  This was theoretically elegant, but kind of useless.  I replaced the URL_ID with a proper URL in both of those tables, mapped the data in and dropped the URL table.  This was done entirely in SQL, without a single line of application code needing editing, which perhaps made me more proud that it should
  • Initial work on a date-graph page is complete.  This gives a histogram of the dates of the DB contents, only for manuscripts with entries though.  It is not complete, but working and useful (see below)
  • Added the ability to add native css to the colors file.  This is outside the css_raw column in the COLORS table, that gets inserted into the named class.  Now there's a stand-alone CSS file that gets appended.  This was needed to implement different colors on the first letter of an entry, since those need pseudo-classes
  • Added a little secret tool to visualize ALL the manuscripts in the DB.  It's just a toy, but also only took about 45 minutes of coding

CoKLDB Date Distribution.png