Saints, now with Images

This addition has been a long time coming, and might be the last addition that adds a new type of content for a long time.  There is now a system for storing images and associating them with the saint data.  It consists of a series of AWS resources, principly an s3 bucket to store and serve images, and a lambda function to do automatic resizing, and a new table to store metadata.  A column was then added to the `saints` table to link to the `image` table.  All of this is accessed through a new class `Saint::Image`, which is created and stored as part of a `Saint` class.

To the browser, the change is only evident on the saint to manuscript popup or the saint detail page. The popup uses the small image, with description as a hover field, and the detail page uses the larger image. Examples of both are below

Saint popup image.png

saint detail image.png