Vatican Library - Latin 9490

Taking a break from the e-codices stuff, the Vatican uploaded one of their Sanvito Books,  This one is both Use of Rome and made in Rome, and entirely on purple vellum.  The calendar is written in gold and silver, with silver for the high-importance feasts and gold for the regular.  The calendar is exceptionally accurate, 2 saints are offset a single day and not a single one is unidentifiable, out of 205 entries.  There is a decidedly Fransiscan slant to the saints, with the feast of his Stigmatization(3722) and the Translation of St. Clare(3359), both in silver, and the Octave of his Feast(3992) and the feast of Peter Martyr(273), both in gold.  In an unusual bit of scribal whim, some few saints are written as "Saint Martyr Name", versus the more common "Saint Name Martyr", for example see Trifonis & Respici on November 10, below f.13r

(DB Id: 251)