Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana -

Vat lat 9495, donated to the Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana in the 19th C. by Pope Pius IX, is a rather late Book of Hours, made probably in the second quarter of the 16th century (1519-1550). Neither location of manufacture nor of use is listed, but due to several calendar entries, I would perhaps situate it in the area of Brussels.

The calendar has multiple unusual entries, some of which might point to Brussels. St. Gudile (1522) is indicated in red and her octave (4365) is not only indicated on Jan. 15 (see f.1r below), but has pushed St. Maurus (1253) to the following day. Less obviously useful for localization are several unique Octaves, St. Michael at Monte Gargano (4360), St. Catherine (4367), and St. Barbara (4368).

(DB Id: 243)