Biblioteca Nacional de Espana

Two more manuscripts from the Biblioteca Nacional de Espana, both Parisian, have been added in recent days.

Vitr/24/1 was in the collection of King Charles VIII (see 259), and dates to the very end of the 15th century. It has beautiful calendar, complete in French and graded gold, red/blue. Surrounding the labor of the month, on the outer margin, there are short French poems about the month. The entries are quite a mess, however. 43 appear to be on the wrong date with an additional 27 entries unidentified.
(DB Id: 287)

Vitr/24/7 is an earlier book, dating from circa 1400 with an unknown patron. It is named for a 19th century owner, the Duke of Osuna. The calendar is complete, with an unusual grading system, gold and red/black. Like the other Parisian Hours, this one has a calendar filled with errors. 52 entries are on the wrong date with an additional 65 unidentified.
(DB Id: 280)