Bibliotheque de Geneve - MS Lat 33

The another manuscript from the Bibliothèque de Genève, hosted by the excellent e-Codices site, was made for use in Nantes, MS Lat 33. It is lavishly decorated throughout, with block-borders on almost every text page and filled pages to start the hours and each month in the calendar.

The calendar is unusual in that it is unranked. There is a strick alternation of blue/gold for the entries, with no distinction for high-importance feasts. Also somewhat unusual is the line-fillers for every day. The saints are rather error-prone, with at least 43 noted on the wrong date. Several more names have become quite corrupt, for example St. Ballece, December 3 (see f.12r below), is most likely meant to be St. Barbara, December 4 853

(DB Id: 241)


A code update was pushed along with the addition of this MS to properly store manuscripts with unranked saints. This is unusual, so far there are only 3 manuscripts in which the color change does not seem to impart any sort of ranking information. One further manuscript, the oldest in the DB (DB Id: 68), only has black text in the calendar.