Trinity College - B.13.11

Trinity College, Cambridge, B.13.11 is a strange Hours from the late 15th century, created in Tournai, in Belgium. It is both liturgical and calendrical use of the city. The decoration is of a common style, with semi-illusionistic flowers over yellow borders around miniatures, but not of a very high quality.

The calendar, however, is highly detailed and unusual. It is approximately 2/3 full (241 dates populated), but with a total of 276 feasts, counting the 35 days with double names. Days are marked with the liturgical information (proper vs. common, # of lessons, duplex, triplex, etc) and double-feast days often have seperate information for each. A large number of pearled, equal-armed crosses have been, rather crudely, drawn in the margins. In the entries there are a number of very specific-to-Tournai feasts: both the feast (4152) and the octave (4153) of the dedication of Tournai Cathedral, along with St Martha (4157) on October 16 and both the feast of St. Piat (Piatus of Tournai, ᛭286 3195) in red and his octave (4156). One interesting scribal note is that the golden numerals, on the left side, are in often darker shade of red than the “red” saints.

(DB Id: 222)