Getty Museum - Ludwig IX 18

The Spinola Hours (Ludwig IX 18), owned by the Getty in Los Angeles since 1983, is mostly known for it spectacular illumination program, directed by the Master of the James IV of Scotland with contributions by the Master of the Dresden Prayer Book, the Master of the Lübeck Bible, the Master of the Prayer Books of around 1500, and the Workshop of Master of the First Prayer Book of Maximilian.  The calendar has architectural borders, with various saints depicted(Philip and James, and the Invention of the Cross in f.3v below) in roundels and little pseudo-friezes with people playing games. 

The entries of the calendar are less spectacular.  It's a complete calendar, the only day without a saint (May 5, see f.3v below) is filled with the end of the following day's saint (Latina[m] from the end of John at the Porta Latina).  Many of the names are very abbreviated, specifically the jobs, probaly due to the space constraints of the double column layout.  The saints are a wide selection, with no obvious pattern, but they seem to align with the Flanders origin of the MS.

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