Walters Museum - W.90

The Walters Art Museum has revamped their website, which makes finding their digitized assets easier.  From the new website comes W.90, an early 14th Century Book from the area of St. Omer, France.  The most interesting part of the manuscript, for most people, comes after the calendar.  There are 7 full-page miniatures, depicting the beginning of Genisis, from Creation through the expulsion, contained within highly-detailed architectural frames. 

The calendar itself is not uninteresting, though.  It is an early example of a nearly complete calendar, 359 of the entries are populated.  There are very few in red, not even all of the Apostles get ranked, and many of the major feasts lack Vigils.  Both of these are more obvious at the beginning of the MS, the first vigil is June 23, Vigil for St. John, and there are only 10 red days through the end of May, but a total of 49. 

The feasts named are a grab bag, some are common, some are specific to St. Omer (Translation of St. Audomer in June 6, Octave of St. Audomar on Sept 16 and Dedication of the Cathedral of St. Audomer on October 17), and some seem to be scribal errors.  In this last category are some unusual errors, Mary of Egypt appears on August 4, where perhaps Mary ad Nives, usually Aug 5, was meant. 

(DB Id: 198)