Tech Debt - Manuscripts class

In many way the BOHdb::Manuscripts class is the messiest of the underlying data manipulation classes. As odd as it seems, it was mostly written before the work coalesced in the BOHdb::Manuscript class that under-girds it, and there are some colossal inefficiencies in the code, particularly in loading the manuscript metadata. One of the oddities, how one controls which manuscripts are loaded into the object, has been ironed out at least. There are now a couple of “restriction” functions, one to set/add them and another to clear them. This means that the load_all function, which previously loaded manuscripts based on the passed restrictions, and then forgot them, ONLY loads manuscripts; it uses restrictions stored in the object previously. This does make the code a bit more verbose:

 $mss->load_all({'calendar_entries' =>1 });

is now

 $mss->set_restriction({'calendar_entries' =>1 });

But it should make it more usable.

A second piece of tech debt was also paid off, there are now basic unit tests for the Manuscripts class, there had previously been none