Biblioteca Nacional de España - Mss/176

BNE Mss/176 is a late 16th century, dated to 1585 on the title page, Book that was made for the Duchess of Feria, Iuana Dormer (Jane Dormer, former lady-in-waiting to Mary I of England).  The hours is Use of Rome, stated on the same title page, but the place of creation is not listed in the catalogue.  The calendar is unusual in layout for several reasons: the dating information is only modern day numbers, not Roman, and only the dominical letters join the numbers; The title block for each month is simply the name of the month and the short verses, no "KL"; and the months are continuous, rather than a month starting at the top of a new folio(See start of June below, f.4v).  There are additions from a later hand in January-March indicating duple feasts and adding in a few saints.  The saints of the original campaign are very accurate, only 2 of the 206 saints seem to be on the wrong day.   With regards to orthography, there are very few abbreviations/suspensions in the text, virgin, martyr and even confessor are often written out and it has the late pattern(cf. LoC Rosenwald 10 or BnF Latin 10558) of inserting an 'ae' digraph wherever possible, sometimes creating near nonsense "Judae" for "Jude" or "Caeciliae" for "Cecilia".  

(DB ID: 184)