Boston Public Library - MS q. med 137

The first of three Books of Hours added during a visit to the BPL manuscript collection last week, MS q. med 137 is a beautiful small Book illumiated in the Workshop of Willian Vrelant, with text in a semi-batarde script.  It's a somewhat unusual book liturgically, Use of Rome, but with calendar for Utrecht and text entirely in Latin.  Most of the Utrecht books are the Dutch transtlation of Geert Groote.  The Calendar itself has no very unusual details, there are only 160 entries and nearly all seem to match Bruges exemplars.  The image below(f.28r) is after the calendar, the start of the Mass of the Blessed Virgin Mary, showing the gray and blue foliage that is common throughout the book

Boston-Boston Public Library-MS q. med 137 - 28r02818.jpg