The More Saints the Merrier

a LOT of code changes in the last few days, (20 commits to git on the 5th alone):

  • Formatting: seperate templates for calendar and manuscript metadata.  In multi-view they are now different rows, valigned to the top, so they look better.  In single view they are wrapped in a div with left pading so they're not too far to the edge
  • Formatting: Fonts!  Custom fonts throughout the website from Google Fonts.  We are using Cardo, a slightly old-fashioned serif that's just a little different, for most things and Quintessential, a nearly perfect rendition of Sanvito's cursive hand, for titles (h1-h3). 
  • Formatting: Top-bar instead of bottom tabs!  The old-school row-of-links at the bottom has been replaced with a fully-modern top bar, complete with mode highliting depending on where you are in the app (Saints vs Manuscript, for eg).  No logo as of yet, but soon...
  • Features: "Show all" in the main manuscript listing is up at the top, right below the restriction filters, and only appears when you're not currently "showing all"
  • Features: Saint's on the compare MS view.  If you've selected a saint (or 2!) in the compare window, they now appear as tags at the top, both saints to include and saints to exclude.
  • Features: Multi-Saint search!  This is the big one for the week, you can now keep searching by picking another saint to include or exclude and continue to get MS that match ALL of the criteria.  The backend code needs some cleanup, but it seem to work.  There was a lot of background work needed in the Saint and Calendar classes, updated to the tests were done to cover the new work

All of this means that the image on the left is 1 week ago, and on the right is today:

MS Search Comparison 4-7-2016.png

Compare MS Comparison 4-7-2016.png

A minor change in the content, work has started to get "secondary_saint_color" values for all the entries put in before that field existed.