Tests and Saints

Some less exciting improvements, but improvements none the less:

  • Started work on the saints class.  Currently it can pull a saint from the Db and identify which calendars/manuscripts containt it.  There's some logic to handle primary versus secondary, but it's only internal, not yet exposed.  The feast_type tags are not yet integrated
  • tests!  I've been terribly remiss in writing unit tests, but I've been keeping up with them for the parts of Saint, and started some work to rebuild them for the Manuscript class.  Also wrote one for basic class loading
  • added an 'id' tag to each row of a calendar when output in the form day_monthnum-day, i.e. day_10-10 for October 10th, the feast of St Gereon.  This will be used later for the "find all manuscripts with saint XXX" function